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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> i'm sam brock. a lot of us are still trying to figure out what the heck happened last night at about 9:15. >> you're talking about the oscars. >> i'm talking about the oscars. that was unscripted. >> that's hollywood for you. more on that in just a bit. a wet start to our monday morning. >> that's the other thing people will be talking about besides the oscars this morning is you woke up and there is rain. wait a minute. this is not going to be a big weather system. this is going to be a quick one and done. we've already seen much of the rain moving on through and as we go through the rest of the day, still some spotty showers so we have storm ranger on it. that's our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain. we've seen rain moving through quickly so roads may be wet. we may see some rain lingering through the day. we'll talk about that. what else to expect as we go through the week coming up in about ten minutes as we head over to mike now, as you head toward highway 17, are
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conditions clear? >> the roadway is wet like you said. i did sit up about 2:30 this morning and say wait a minute because i heard rain hitting hard. checked the weather app and not a big deal. smooth drive around the bay. still able to work on highway 17. there will be traffic control over the next few minutes. they should pick up the last of the cones. longer than the closure near vine hill but road work should be cleared by 5:00 every morning. looking here toward a smooth drive for tri-valley. tracking a crash in fremont. back to you. the mistake everyone is talking about this morning. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> yeah. a stunned dolby theater. "la la land" was mistakenly announced as winner for best picture only for it to be
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revealed minutes later that it was actually "moonlight" that won. >> everyone was up there giving the acceptance speech. "today in the bay" is in hollywood. what are they saying happened? >> reporter: you know, they just handed warren beatty the wrong envelope. if you look at a screen shot, you can say it says best actress on the outside. so he had the wrong envelope. didn't know what to do. the best argument yet for watching until the very, very end was a surprise ending no one expected. it's all anybody is talking about today. >> "la la land." >> for several minutes it appeared a best picture win capped a magical night for "la la land." >> there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> during "moonlight's"
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acceptance speeches, they say that warren beatty read from the wrong card. the audience was stunned. so was the "moonlight" team. >> very clearly even in my dreams this could not be true. but to hell with dreams. i'm done with it. this is true. >> the win was "moonlight's" third of the night including the first muslim actor to win an oscar. >> thank you. really appreciate it. peace and blessings. >> "la la land" still came awhich with six awards including best director and best actress for emma stone. >> i realize that a moment like this is a huge confluence of luck and opportunity. >> casey affleck. >> joining the ranks, ben affleck. >> i'm dumbfounded that i'm included. >> and to davis for "fences" in
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a role that earned her a tony on broadway. >> i became an artist and thank god i did. >> in between the awards. >> this is ryan gosling. >> jimmy kimmel sent a live tweet to president trump but the moment that trumped them all. >> we didn't do this. you guys chose us. >> was the mix-up that gave "moonlight" a best picture win. here's one that we're glad was not a mix-up. do you remember kevin o'connell when we won his academy award last night? you never heard of him. he won for sound mixing. he's been nominated 21 times. this was his first win. congratulations to him. a lot of other things happened other than the big mix-up everyone is talking about. >> pretty good show. >> there were so many things that were just wonderful about that event. sad it was overshadowed at the
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very end. thank you very much, jennifer. as for the ending of the event, steve harvey, a lot of people talking about what happened with miss universe and me. similarities here. steve harvey responding to oscar mix-up tweeting out this morning, good morning, everybody. i went to sleep early last night so what i miss? #oscars. steve harvey came under fire last year when he announced the wrong winner of the miss universe pageant so maybe he had some sympathy for what that felt like. to see more videos from the oscars, head to coming up, ali honed his acting skills here in the bay area reportedly at st. mary's. hear from one of his former teachers at 5:30. 5:05. let's talk about the water levels at the anderson reservoir at morgan hill. continues to drop. we just checked and the last update at 4:30 this morning says
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the reservoir is just over 100% of capacity. due to the dam's structural concerns, that reservoir should only be 68% full. runoff from the reservoir goes into the coyote creek which caused flooding in san jose last week. the immense repair job at the oroville dam now starts today. later this morning the department of water resources plan to gradually cut out the outflow from the oroville reservoir. the process is expected to last most of the day. without all of that water flow, workers will be able to aggressively remove the debris pile at the base of the spillway. they'll also work on getting the hyatt power plant back up and running help managing to water reservoir levels. developing story is the search for a suspect continues. this morning a community grieving the loss of the president of east ridge little league in san jose. he was stabbed to death over the weekend outside of a popular downtown nightclub.
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kris sanchez joins us with the latest on the investigation and what we're learning about this beloved coach this morning. >> reporter: we know folks involved in youth sports are a tight knit group so the homicide of a popular little league coach is having shock waves into the community. as police try to find out who the murderer is, the community is remembering the man himself. this is where frank navarro died in front of the club where he was a security manager stabbed by an underage man who tried to get in with a fake i.d. this is where he lived, many people said. 300 people gathered at the east ridge league legittle league fi he coached kids in baseball and the game of life. >> he knew i didn't grow up in great home, so he was always there for me.
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>> police say they did detain two suspects who may be related to the stabbing but no one is charged at this point. frank navarro's homicide is the sixth killing in san jose this year. >> sad news to report there. thank you. it's 5:08 right now. this morning san francisco police are trying to find out who opened fire on two san francisco restaurants. a worker says a bullet pierced a window about 7:45 last night. police also say they're investigating a shooting at a nearby indian restaurant. no reports of injuries. so far no suspects have been identified. new this morning, three kids are in a lot of trouble right now for causing this. one of them took their parents camry early yesterday morning and drove it through a road block and into the napa river. you see the car being hauled out of the river there. the driver didn't know that the road ended. all three inside the car were
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able to get out. they suffered minor injuries. police have not released their ages or if they're facing any charges. it is 5:09 now and some slippery road conditions across parts of the bay area after some very early morning rain moved through. we're getting some clearing now. but still may be wet as you head out. only 45 degrees. a look now at san jose. more temperatures showing readings dipping below freezing in the north bay and it's 38 degrees in napa. fairfield at 40 degrees. now, as we go through the day, looking at highs reaching the upper 50s. up to 58 in san jose. 57 in oakland. and 57 in fremont. 54 in daley city while san francisco is going to see mid 50s there. and also mid 50s in the north bay. looking at a lot more sunshine but still a chance of a quick moving shower. i'll detail that coming up in about four minutes. as we head over to mike now, checking on that crash in the
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tri-valley. >> we're following 680 southbound is where the crash happened. i want to show folks nap shot of the bay overall looking great. we do have slicker roadways as the radar cleared out of the area but it leaves slicker conditions and mud on the shoulder which is where one car ended up just off the off-ramp and didn't make the off-ramp so there's activity there and tow truck heading out to the scene. 25 minutes toward the dublin interchange. bay bridge toll plaza has cash lanes with backup. right cash lanes moving better. they have to open some over on the left. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, a controversial parking program up for debate. the fate of alpalo alto's downtn parking program. wall street is on a tear. is it time to sell? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. [bullfighting music]
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it is 5:13. rain earlier this morning moving from north to south. we'll get some clearing as we go through the day. there still may be lingering showers moving through especially along the peninsula and in the santa cruz mountains. other than that, we're looking at some much clearer weather and as we go through the week, temperatures warming up. more on that and a look ahead to
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the weekend in about seven minutes. here's that slowing we're showing for 580 out of altamont and for 84 through the construction zone. extra slow this morning. we'll check reports again to see if there's anything that i can find out that's going on there. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 5:14 right now. palo alto leaders today are scheduled to debate the future of its controversial downtown parking program. people who live downtown receive free permits allowing all day parking. everyone else has to pay. and the annual cost can run more than $450. the current permits expire at the end of march. city council members are planning to review the program and decide how to modify it or perhaps expand enforcement hours. redwood city right now testing out a robot delivery service you might have known that but now san carlos can do the same thing. robotic delivery company is making a presentation to the city council tonight. tonight's agenda doesn't say what the company is actually
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presenting. the video you're looking at is of a robotic delivery simulated in redwood city by starship technology. something we heard a lot about during the presidential campaign, the fact that automation, not globalization, could be the biggest threat to the american worker. >> scott mcgrew, a plan by play doh will result in 20 more jobs. >> you don't need a lot of people to make play doh. they will contract out to an american factory adding 20 more workers to make play doh in america. wall street continues its rally as it waits for the president's address to congress on tuesday. president trump says he'll spend a trillion, with a t, dollars on u.s. infrastructure. the dow is up 11 friday. the nasdaq was up nine. with the markets setting record after record, it's time to start asking where the top is and how soon we'll start sliding down
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the other side. nobel prize winning economist robert shiller says it's time for investors to pull back and right now warren buffett is talking on cnbc about his investments. buffet runs berkshire hathaway which owns all kinds of american businesses. he is so important to the american economy, he's going to be on cnbc live this morning for a total of nonstop three hours. other huge news, a huge embarrassment for bay area security company called cloudflare that leaked consumer data for weeks. companies like uber and yelp plan on them to keep their security and not leak secrets. and elon musk says there will be an announcement today. we have no idea what it is. could be a mission to mars. could be something minor. when elon tweets, the world
5:17 am
listens. this is like apple a few years ago. now, hey, we got a red iphone. elon, we're talking about maybe mars. >> interesting. >> a mission to mars. he has a mission to mars. >> we'll find out at 1:00. interesting new video to show you. you had to be in the right spot to see it. most people in the southern most part of the globe actually witnessed a rare site on sunday. a ring of fire eclipse or annual solar eclipse. that's when the moon moves between the earth and the sun so we sped up that video for you to give you a better idea of actually what happened. people in south america and the southern part of africa only saw the full ring of fire effect for about a minute. don't blame me if you're singing that song all day now. you know the one. >> you're not supposed to look directly at the sun. can you look directly at the ring of fire? looks like they had special shades. >> assume they were not the 3-d
5:18 am
glasses. >> looked like it. we would like to see sunshine today. not sure if it will happen. >> it's wet now as you step out. don't forget the sunglasses because you'll need them later today. maybe the umbrella. be prepared for it. a look outside at our microclimate showing temperatures very chilly and we have wet roads from heavier rain that moved through earlier this morning. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, we'll see that we'll have drier air moving in. in the north bay, we're at 32 degrees. very cold. bundle up. may have icy spots on the roadway. watch out for that. and then as we go through the day, we're reaching into the mid 50s in the peninsula, tri-valley, 55 degrees. and 54 degrees in san francisco. the north bay up to 57 degrees. and storm ranger mobile doppler radar showing now some clearing all across the bay area after once again that rain moved through earlier and it's parked on san bruno mountain.
5:19 am
we'll monitor to see if we'll have more rain moving through. as we look back on the past couple of hours, we do see that rain rolling off to the east. still snow in the sierra. and then there's some rain to the north of us so as that dips farther south, a chance of rain later on today but not everyone will see it. most of us continuing on with dry weather and as we go through the day in san francisco, going from the mid 40s up to 54 degrees today with a mix of sun and clouds. as that system exits off toward the east, we will get some chilly temperatures today but then starting to warm up as we go through the week with more sunshine, more dry weather. it is looking like a very nice week. then as we go toward the weekend, we'll have to watch for a storm system that may bring in a chance of rain starting on sunday. so that's our next chance of some significant rain toward the end of the weekend. of course i'll keep you up to date on that on facebook and twitter. make sure you follow me and i'll let you know if we'll have a
5:20 am
damper on those weekend plans. otherwise, we're looking at a nice week ahead with some breezy winds, cool temperatures to start, and then making it into the mid 60s by thursday and friday for the inland areas and once again skies turning a little bit cloudy for the weekend and some scattered showers possible on sunday. and, mike, after that early morning rain, the roads may be a little slick. >> you warned about that and talked about cool temperatures with a chance the index does show after rain and moisture on the roadway and cooler conditions there may be a bit of frost or ice on the roads in upper portions of mt. hamilton area. freeways looking fine. damp. slick conditions out there. be careful. heading down the east shore freeway, 15 to 16 minutes coming down. we'll talk about that in a second. easy drive toward the bay bridge. i want to show you the toll plaza. we have cash lanes that never fully cleared up and we see build coming into the maze.
5:21 am
we should see metering lights on about 5:30 but we see cash lanes backed up and holding steady after they started to clear a little bit a few minutes ago. we'll track this and approach. we're talking travel times. mass transit no major delays. smooth flow of traffic. 41 trains on b.a.r.t. system on track. eight minutes from highway 37 to 580. 16 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plaza. >> mike, you have two young kids. here's a strange question. how much of your kids' teeth worth? a new survey that shows how generous the tooth fairy is. >> an unfulfilled promise she'll be reimbursed. a lovely look outside on this monday morning. city by the bay.
5:22 am
san francisco this morning. a drizzly start to our day. things will clear up. we'll check the full forecast coming up. even the tooth fairy is sllingoe
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5:24 right now. even the tooth fairy shelling out more money these days. that's the findings of a new dental industry survey charting the tooth fairy's typical payout. last year's average was 4.66.
5:25 am
that's almost 75 cents higher than 2015 average. no one is quite sure where the tooth fairy is getting that extra funding but it adds up to close to $300 million left under pillows around the united states. so when i was a kid and my teeth fell out, i think i got a buck which seemed like a lot of money at the time. how much did you get? >> i would think so. it was cool because she used to leave those -- not silver dollars but they were really nice and hard to come by now. her little wings are busy, i must say. very busy and sparkly. nbc bay area responds to another recalled airbag complaint. >> the consumer received a generous offer from honda but couldn't get the company to followthrough. >> last spring deanna goldman received a notice about a driver's side airbag recall. that came from honda.
5:26 am
but there was a wait list to get that airbag replaced. she didn't want to drive her car around with faulty airbag inside and didn't feel safe so what she did was asked honda if it would reimburse her for a rental car until the company could replace that airbag. she says honda said yes. so after the new airbag was installed, deanna turned to honda to reimburse her for $2,200. the full cost of the rental car. the company said she would receive a check in six to eight weeks. it never happened. she made repeated calls about her reimbursement but didn't get answers. she reached out to us. we contacted honda and deanna received a check for $2,200. the total cost of her rental. honda declined to comment for this story. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know, 888-996-tips or online at it's almost a week later
5:27 am
from those historic floods. up next, hundreds of people still out of their homes this morning. the new information that we should be learning today. early morning fire at a hayward apartment complex is under control. we'll explain why 31 people remain displaced. quilted northern works so well people can forget
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the warriors actually not playing at home today. they are on the road making it rain in philadelphia. meantime, we have a little bit of splashing going on from our skies as well. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> on this monday morning. let's get through it. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll check the forecast with kari. windshield wipers were working. >> earlier this morning. you may have water from cars in front of you kicking up some of that water off the roads onto your windshield but as far as what we see falling from the sky, everything is clearing out. we have some rain that moved through this morning and storm ranger on and scanning around the bay area. that's our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno moment showing things are clearing out for now. this is the way it looked earlier. we see the storm system moving off toward the south and east and there is rain well to the north of us. that may bring in another chance of wet weather later today. nothing that should ruin your outdoor plans and now it's 32
5:31 am
degrees in santa rosa while san jose is at 45 degrees. we'll talk about temperatures as we head through the week. a warmup headed our way. now over to mike updating highway 7. >> talk about road work that continues. we had the closures a couple weeks ago. you remember that. huge issue. they've been working on the roadway and will continue to do that overnight for maybe the next week shoring up the hillside there. there was traffic control but the roadway remained open in both directions and now the crew cleared from last night's work. tonight starting as early as maybe 6:00, perhaps 7:00 after the evening commute, they'll start to work on the roadway again. traffic will flow hopefully in both directions. we're tracking the approach toward the bay bridge. live look shows you backup now blended in with cash lanes is your backup because metering lights were also turned on. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. all new this morning, an apartment building up in flames in the east bay and it leaves dozens of people without a place
5:32 am
to stay. >> "today in the bay" live with how firefighters saved everyone inside. always great to hear, pete. >> good morning to you. i just spoke with hayward fire not too long ago. they gave me details on rescues that took place on the balcony of the apartment building. still some fire crews here. they were able to control that fire quickly. they say in about 20 minutes. off soda road here in hayward. we'll show you that video. as i mentioned, this is from earlier this morning. a number of rescues in that balcony area. they tell me the fire took place roughly around 1:00 a.m. in hayward. when crews showed up, they were met with heavy smoke m coucomin of the third floor. they got the fire under control in 20 minutes where there were seven rescues all together including people hanging out -- including one person hanging out of a wheelchair. that resident is okay and there were no injuries resulting from this fire. so right now you have about 31
5:33 am
people displaced because power to the entire complex is out as a result of this fire. we actually spoke to a resident who is out here not too long ago and we'll hear from them in the next hour. pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, pete. it's what everybody is talking about this morning not how the oscars was scripted. ended with an historic flub. >> a twist no one could see coming. "moonlight" won an oscar for best picture but not before the wrong film was announced as the winner. >> and the academy award for best picture -- >> "la la land." >> thank you to our incredible cast and crew up here right now. >> i'm sorry. there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> "moonlight" won.
5:34 am
>> this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. >> it was amazing to watch. now there's an investigation into how the invenvelopes were mixed up. >> so gracious how they handled it. >> three speeches deep at that point. >> nonetheless, a wonderful night for so many reasons. historic night as well. >> that's right. ali became the first muslim actor to raise an award ever. he was born and raised right here in the bay area. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> lastly i want to thank my wife who was in her third trimester during award season born just four days ago. >> he was born in oakland and raised in hayward.
5:35 am
>> my memory of him is really powerful from the things that he said. it was clear that he was an old soul. >> ali returned to st. mary's college last spring to deliver a commencement speech. he won best supporting actor for his performance in "moonlight" last night. to see more videos from the oscars, head to we're also going to have live report from hollywood coming up in our next half hour. >> a lot to keep track of there. 5:35 now. it's been nearly a week since devastating floods hit san jose. today we could learn exactly how much it's going to cost to replay all of the damage. most of the evacuation orders have been lifted but there are hundreds of flood victims who are forced to live in shelters or with friends because of the amount of damage left behind.
5:36 am
bob, today the city is expected to release a big number to that effect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. today the city of san jose is expected to release the dollar amount of damage caused by last week's flood and use this number to present to the state and federal government to receive disaster relief especially for the people who live in these homes here behind me and neighborhoods like rock springs. you can see these apartments are still yellow tagged. yellow tag means they can go back inside to clean their home from the flood to collect belongings but not allowed to live in there. the city of san jose tells us it finished inspecting thousands of structures flooded last week. there were over 4,500 that are green tagged meaning those people can move back in. three homes remain red tagged in the william street neighborhood meaning no one can go inside and 1,300 homes are yellow tagged
5:37 am
working to get properties back up to code. until then many residents like this one find themselves in lim limbo. >> i don't know what to do. all of us, my kids, we have no place to live. no vehicle. i don't know how i'm going to be able to get to work. >> reporter: over the weekend about 200 evacuees relocated to the seven trees community center. that's a shelter that's been set up for longer term until those people are able to permanently move back into their homes. reporting live in rock springs neighborhood of san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. at 5:37 in the meantime east bay community hoping for relief this morning. right now people living on morgan territory road in clayton are without water. a landslide caused by a recent storm caused a road to give out breaking a water main. 90 homes are impacted. crews scramble to figure out how to fix the problem, they say the land is still moving. the fire department has emergency vehicles parked near
5:38 am
the residence in the event of an emergency. >> normally an unusual sight. seen a lot of it recently. in 3 1/2 hours, oakland's new chief of police takes the reigns. anne kirkpatrick will be sworn in as the first female chief of police in oakland. she's been working for the chicago police department most recently. it's 5:38 on this monday morning. still some wet roads out there. some rain moved through earlier this morning. now you don't have to worry about anymore of that rain as of now. there still will be a slight chance of rain as we go through the day. 44 degrees on the peninsula. 45 degrees in san francisco. we've dropped down to freezing in the north bay and some clearing skies. looking at highs this afternoon reaching into the mid 50s and in the north bay up to 57 degrees.
5:39 am
also 57 in the east bay. as we head through the next several days, we will continue on with some dry weather so i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. mike now has a new crash that's in the south bay. >> we're still trying to get more reports and details as chp arrives on scene. first note is slick roadways around the bay from earlier bit of rain that we had that quickly traveled through. northbound 101 shy of shoreline boulevard we have a crash. one of the people that called in said you might have to close the off-ramp. that's someone that passed by. chp will give us null full deta. slowing in the tri-valley southbound 680. chp said they closed vargas off-ramp for a few minutes. that car went off the roadway and tow truck arrived to pull that out. use mission boulevard and loop back if you want to travel through. better bet is loop on the freeway northbound and take vargas from the other side. smooth ride on mass transit
5:40 am
systems. no major delays. bay bridge metering lights are on. the approach is full. back to you. >> lots of people out there, mike. thanks very much. a bay area bar turned crime scene. scary moments for patrons inside and search under way for a gunman that injured three people.
5:41 am
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it's 5:42. still some wet conditions out there on the roadway. here's a live look outside at san jose. as we get a look at the
5:43 am
temperature trend, it will be much cooler than average for this time of year. only reaching into the lower 50s when normal high is 64 degrees. it will warm up as we go through the weekend. continue to stay dry. i'll talk about that coming up in about five minutes. we're right now starting to see slowing for upper east shore freeway. typical monday pattern. 22 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge where metering lights are on. >> thank you very much. it is 5:43 right now. developing story to tell you about out of vallejo this morning. police are trying to track down a gunman after a deadly shooting inside a bar inside gentleman's jim's bar on lincoln road after 1:00 sunday morning. officers say as many as three men inside the bar were hurt. one actually died at the scene. the others expected to be okay. a third injured man showed up to the hospital later. happening today, national story now. bill cosby's attorneys are arguing for a change of venue in
5:44 am
the criminal sexual assault trial. cosby's lawyers say the jurors have been exposed to too much coverage of the case. they want to move the trial to another pennsylvania county. the 79-year-old comedian is accused of sexually assaulting a former assistant basketball coach at temple university. the trial is scheduled for june. takata is expected to plead guilty in a u.s. court today to one criminal charge. it's related to the company's faulty airbag inflaters linked to 16 deaths and more than 100 injuries. it will also agree to pay a $1 billion fine. the company is also expected to name attorney ken feinberg to oversee a victim compensation plan. he ran a similar fund for 9/11 victims and the bp oil spill. all new this morning, a new warning from doctors about the dangers of marijuana for young people. the american academy of pediatrics is issuing the
5:45 am
warning citing legalization of marijuana in more than half u.s. states either recreationally or medically. that includes california. the drug has grown more potent and two in ten people that smoke pot in adolescence will become addicted to it. quarter to 6:00. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days. today is day 39. >> also a busy week ahead for the president. >> very busy. this morning the white house is expected to send its budget proposals to agencies and departments. we expect some shocking numbers. the word is the environmental protection agency and state department will face huge cutbacks. military particularly the navy, will get lots more money for new weapons and ships. the epa and state department can argue with the numbers they'll get. they're not final. we expect an actual budget later this spring. tuesday president trump will make an address to both houses
5:46 am
of congress and we'll carry that live on nbc bay area and wednesday a new revised travel ban. republican darrell issa on friday said the investigation into the white house connection with russia deserves a special prosecutor. normally jeff sessions, the u.s. attorney general would investigate the white house. sessions was a supporter of donald trump's candidacy so issa says he should recuse himself. trump has not tweeted about the oscars despite that jimmy kimmel dared him to. sean spicer said last week the president would be too busy to tweet. >> i got to be honest with you. i think the president will host the governor's ball that night. mrs. trump looks forward to putting on a phenomenal event and the first lady put a lot of time into this event that's going to occur in welcoming our nation's governors to the capitol and that's where the president and first lady will be focused on sunday night. we'll go from there.
5:47 am
>> no tweets yet. president trump did tweet this on saturday. the media has not reported the national debt in my first month went down by 12 billion versus $200 billion increase in obama's first month. several people correctly pointed out because the president and congress have not created any new spending or changed taxes, he isn't responsible for the change in the national debt, which by the way is 1/6 of 1/100th of 1%. it goes up and down for a bunch of reasons. this is like showing what great money manager you are on payday friday. i doubled what's in my checking account in one day. >> it sounds good. >> it does. it does. thank you very much. scott will look at trump's tweets, executive orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days on "today in the bay." you can share your thoughts with scott @scottmcgrew. we'll have political news on
5:48 am 5:47 right now. the wait continues this morning. have you seen this? the live camera at april the giraffe. the 15 year old is set to give birth any minute now. the world has been watching and waiting. >> april is so tall, we cannot even see april's face in this shot. the animal adventure park in new york is streaming this. millions have been tuning in. the fourth calf she delivered. oliver is 5 years old, the father. >> it is phenomenal to see a birth like that. stand up. >> do baby giraffes pop out? stand out on their little legs. >> awkwardness. >> that's my teenage years. >> you are a very tall giraffe-like -- >> hard to tell now -- >> you're just like april. >> just pop right up.
5:49 am
no head there. >> it's monday. a lot of people shaky as they head out to their cars this morning. >> everything is all good. >> it's kicking in. >> we have some dry weather that will be with us even after some early morning showers that moved through. and here's a live look outside at san jose. as we get this monday morning started, you will want to grab the umbrella just in case but definitely a heavier jacket because it's cold out there. only 45 degrees. now seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. here's what to expect as rain moves out. we'll have chilly temperatures left behind. and for tomorrow, you'll be sunny but still cooler than where we should be for this time of year. the rest of the week we'll continue on with our drying trend and then watching a storm system for the weekend that may bring us some more wet weather. that's our next significant chance. as we look at storm ranger right now it's mobile doppler radar showing as it scans around the
5:50 am
bay area, things are clearing out. we had rain that rolled through earlier and made roads wet and gave us additional rainfall but nothing significant here. it continues to move to the south and east with scattered showers especially for parts of the sierra some snow showers there. look at how cold in the north bay. we dropped down to 31 degrees in santa rosa. icy spots on brinls and overpasses. low to mid 40s as you head out the door with high temperatures reaching into mid to upper 50s today. 57 in danville and concord. 54 degrees in daley city. san francisco, outer sunset, 54 degrees at mill valley today, 55. looking at what's ahead for the rest of the week, drier air and also some warming temperatures and then as we head toward the weekend, we'll see another storm system moving in from north to south and this may bring us some changes in our plans for the weekend after such a nice
5:51 am
weekend for the bay area. and if you're following me on facebook and twitter, keep you up to date on what will happen as the week rolls along. several more days of dry weather. very nice out there. warming up to mid 60s by friday. as we head now over to mike, he's back to that crash in fremont for an update. >> one off 680. i'll show you the bay overall looking great. tracking that crash in mountain view. may have new information in just a couple minutes. we're seeing that slowdown south 680 approaching vargas where the off-ramp reportedly is still closed trying to tow a vehicle off the roadway happened early in the morning that crash there. loop around if you need vargas as your off-ramp. catch it from northbound side. southbound traffic is starting to build coming down out of pleasanton and off dublin interchange. i watch this closely for the tri-valley. castro valley area is typical build. no major problems. smooth flow of traffic heading toward the bay bridge. slowing for 680 southbound through that zone town toward
5:52 am
pleasanton with a slight build there. castro valley 238 of the drive there. bay bridge toll plaza live look encourage you to get out there earlier than you might think as backup forms early this morning and sticking around because it's the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> naturally. like clock work. by the way, sitting in traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza will cost you more money these days. this happens every single year. gas prices in california going up and they'll reach their peak by memorial day. that is because refineries start to switch to pricier spring/summer blend. a gallon of regular could get to $3.70 in the bay area. right now a gallon of regular is $3 in san francisco and 2.92 in oakland. a special challenge for students in alameda county. find a green way to get from school and you can win golden state warriors sneakers. >> it's called the golden sneaker contest. the classroom with the highest percentage of students who use a
5:53 am
green mode of transportation will win warrior sneakers for everyone in the class. all 96 schools in alameda county are participating. 65,000 students there. a classroom for each school will win. winners will be awarded march 23rd. pretty cool. >> they better manufacture enough sneakers. coming up next, we investigate. >> found her in a halfway house in her crib. she passed away. >> we first exposed serious concerns about the county department responsible for more than 1,300 foster children. there's hope for reform. the action sparked by our reports. did you feel the small earthquake that hit gilroy yesterday? no reports of injuries or damage after the 3.7 quake struck. you can find a look at our quake map to see the latest shaking. plus, talk about pick me up. flowers and kind notes discovered on several cars in a
5:54 am
california parking lot. read about the small act of kindness on our website. we'll be back here in just two minutes. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "truck-cicle." [second man] how you doing? [ice cracking] [second man] ah,ah, ah. oh no! [first man] saves us some drilling.
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the kind of deep sleep i can only get on my tempur-pedic. it adapts to me. my shape, my size, my body. tempur-pedic. this sleep is power. welcome back. 5:56. a live look outside. this is our golden gate bridge camera this morning. we could still see some scattered rain today and then it should be dry for the remainder
5:57 am
of the week. meteorologist kari hall will have a full forecast in just a few minutes. a series of reports by the nbc bay area investigative unit has prompted an investigation into the santa clara county of children and family services. >> the agency is facing a severe shortage of social workers and high turnover. vicky nguyen first uncovered concerns after a child was left near death and details on the action now being taken. >> reporter: good morning. the agency is facing a severe shortage of social workers and high turnover. all of this hurting services for the 1,300 children in the child abuse system. now the county has taken notice of our reports and launched its own investigation. we spoke with a veteran foster parent. jane ramirez fostered more than 50 children in santa clara county, some of them like damod,
5:58 am
have special medical needs and knows how important it is to have qualified well supported social workers. as we told you last august, multiple social workers say mismanagement at dcsf created a toxic environment. 110 social workers left their jobs over the past two years and right now the agency is struggling to fill 42 social worker jobs. the new director declined our request for an interview, but said in a statement her goal is to build a strong infrastructure to meet central and state performance outcome measures. we sat down with andrew kaine, chairman of the child abuse council. he says his committee will make recommendations to the board of supervisors. to see our full report, go to you can also follow my reports via twitter or facebook. >> vicky, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call.
5:59 am
888-996-tips. always send an e-mail to theu t >> there's a mistake. "moonlight" won best picture. >> find out how the award for best picture mistakeningly went "la la land" instead of "moonlight." >> rain is moving out. we may have lingering showers throughout the day. we'll talk about the time line and what else to expect this week. >> reporter: as san jose police try to figure out what led up to the killing of a little league coach in east san jose, the community gathers to remember how he lived. a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. happy that you're waking up with us right now. it's 6:00 on the dot on your monday. we saw that we have storm ranger
6:00 am
active right now. that red beacon moving around the doppler radar not too much activity though. >> it was rain that we had earlier this morning that has since cleared. as you wake up, step out the door, you're looking at everything covered with some water. so we did have some rain that moved through parts of the bay area and it is moving out well to the east of us. it's breezy. it's cool. only 40 degrees in the tri-valley. look at the north bay. we're down to 31 degrees with those clearing skies and then as we go through the day, it will still be cooler than where we should be for the end of february but we're at 55 degrees for the peninsula for the high and 57 for the north bay and east bay. we will talk about the rain that moved through and if there is more coming our way at 6:09. as we head to mike, two crashes have cleared. >> two crashes have cleared and we have a new one. no major injuries. crash killed aroun


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